Rogy Q and A

Rogy Q & A

1What is the connect password of Rogy?12345678
2The Rogy Wi-Fi LED is lit, but the smart phone is unable to find Rogy in the setting.The default Wi-Fi setting for Rogy is 5 GHz. Please change your smart phone mobile data option to 5 GHz. If your smart phone does not support 5 GHz, please change the Wi-Fi channel in Rogy to 2.4 GHz.
3Wi-Fi LED is still off.If Rogy is set to Internet Mode, please ensure the Wi-Fi that you have set Rogy to connect to is working properly, otherwise change Rogy from Internet Mode to Direct Mode, or Reset Rogy.
4Founction keys are not responding.It’s possible that the software has crashed. Please long press the OK key for about 20 seconds to force it to power off then press the power key to reboot it.
5Can’t power on.Make sure Rogy has enough battery power. Connect the USB power to Rogy then press the power key to turn it on. If still unable to power on, please long press the OK key for about 20 seconds to force it to power off then press the power key to reboot it.
6How to save the photo and video files from Rogy to computer?Please take out the Micro SD card then insert it to the card reader. Connect the card reader to the computer to download the files.
7Can Rogy use other Micro SD card?Yes, it can. Please use the V3 type Micro SD card and support max. 2 TB.
8How longer does it take to fully charge Rogy?It needs 3 hours to fully charge Rogy.
9Can we use Rogy while charging?Yes, you can. Please use the bundled adaptor to charge Rogy for the best power performance and to avoid the warranty being voided.
10How to use the Rogy as a video camera?Power on the Rogy then connect the USB port of Rogy to the USB port of computer via the USB cable.
11Which one is the main (front) lens?The side that is without the shutter button.
12It overheats when operating for a long time.It’s normal that the device will feel a bit warm after a prolong usage. The device may shut down when the temperature rises to a max tolerant level.
13Can we change the logo of the base map?It can’t be changed right now. However, you can turn off the logo in the app setting.